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Sew Your Own Dress! - Jan 20 Sat

Sat 20 Jan - 1- 5 pm

Want to learn how to sew yourself a cool dress? Now is your chance! Using a simple pattern and a sewing machine, you will create your own dress that you can wear immediately!

This is the conversation you will be having after this class;

Impressed friends, family and strangers: "Nice dress!"

You: "Thanks - I made it myself!"

IFF&S: *jaw drops* "That is amazing!"

The class is limited to 4 people so please don't sign up if you cannot make the date.

Cost for the class is 800$ hkd, There will be a selection of fabrics for you to choose from. The class will be held from 1 - 5 PM on Saturday January 20 at senselessart Studio in Prince Edward. Email me at to register!

P.S. You must send me bust and hip measurements before the start (don't worry these won't be shared!)

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