• Objects of Importance

    Objects that have significance to the holder, yet no intrinsic value. But they all come with a story.

    Keeping my Hands Busy
    My Mother Taught Me Many Things
    The Only Bear for Me
    The Artist's Hands 
    Feathered Friends
    Her Favourite Colour
    Singles or Doubles? 
    Remembering Malaysia
    Light As A
  • Matchbox Diaries

    Documenting the days with boxes. If you would like to order a matchbox of your own - check the shop!


    January 23

    January 24

    January 25

    January 26

    January 27

    January 28

    January 29

  • Portraits

    It is not only the queen who can look good on a stamp.

    I prefer to use unconventional colours for portraits of less than conventional people.
    Looking cool
    Miss K 
  • Contact Us

    The studio is open by appointment

    8/F Golden Name Commercial Building, 400 Portland Street, Hong Kong (nearest MTR is Prince Edward Exit D)
    6188 7201
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