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Available Workshops in 2019

Contact with any inquiries

Here you can find details of workshops available through senselessart Studio in 2019. Minimum class numbers are 2 - 3 so please contact directly for private classes! Some workshops are available as corporate team building exercises too.


Make your own personalised jewellery from resin. Children old enough to use scissors independently are welcome to join.

Resin Jewellery

Astonish and delight your friends and family with personalised gifts made by you! Please no excuses like, 'I'm not artistic', if you can use a pair of scissors and have opposable thumbs, you can do this workshop and have great results.

In this workshop you will use paper, fabric and other objects into earrings, pendants, cufflinks, lapel pins, hair slides and rings. The possibilities are endless and you can make as many items as you like!

Size limit: 8 people

500 $HKD per person

Corporate event options are available

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There are several styles of bookbinding to choose from - Japanese stab binding with soft and hard covers, coptic, accordion and long-stitch. A different technique will be taught each month. Children old enough to use a cutting knife and a needle for simple tasks unaided are welcome to join.

Long- stitch Bookbinding

Longing to make a book? Need to brush up on your stitching skills? Well combine your goals and come make a longstitch book at senselessart Studio!

In this class you will make 1 leather covered book book using long stitch technique. These books make great journals, amazing sketchbooks, fantastic scrap books and jaw dropping presents. Always a winner!

Size Limit: 6 people

450 $HKD per person

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Japanese Stab Binding

This process creates tidy looking, hard or soft bound notebooks suitable for journalling, writing or sketching. The finished product can be enhanced with beading.

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Accordion Book

These accordion bound notebooks are perfect for a heavier papers. They make excellent travel sketchbooks - allowing you to unfold all or only part of the book for easier use.

Size Limit: 6 people

450$ HKD per person

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Miniature Books

Everyone loves tiny little things right? Or is that just us? Try your favourite bookbinding technique in miniature and make a book that you can write even the smallest ideas in.

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All of these workshops are available to the beginner sewist - people who have never sat in front of a machine before or who are not sure where to start. Everything from the fabric and thread to the machine are provided for you in the class. Children who are comfortable running a machine independently or who have an adult to aid them are welcome to join.

Sew Your Own Dress Workshop

Want to learn how to sew yourself a cool dress? Now is your chance! Using a simple pattern and a sewing machine, you will create your own dress that you can wear immediately!

This is the conversation you will be having after this class;

Impressed friends, family and strangers: "Nice dress!"

You: "Thanks - I made it myself!"

IFF&S: *jaw drops* "That is amazing!”

There will be a selection of lovely patterned, medium weight cotton fabrics for you to choose from.

P.S. You must send me bust and hip measurements before the start (don't worry these won't be shared!)

Class size limit: 4 people

800 HKD per person

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Sew a Stylish and Handy Apron!

Using a simple patterns and a sewing machine, you will sew a fantastic deep pocket apron over 2.5 hours. From cutting to finishing - all done by you - you will be so proud! I have totally fallen in love with apron wearing and you will too!

Class size limit: 4 people

400 HKD per person

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Sew a Wrap - Around Skirt!

Easily fitting any shape and size, wrap around skirts are perfect for the summer weather in HK! This skirt will be knee length or shorter - I love wearing mine as a tennis skirt! From start to finish - you will make this skirt in 3 hours. A selection of patterned cotton prints will be available.

Class size limit: 4 people

700 HKD per person

Leather Craft

Make a Sunglasses/Glasses Case

Using a cutting knife, a hammer and some hardware, you will make a lovely leather glasses case that is stunning and functional. So easy - anyone who can hold a cutting knife can do it - patterns, tools and materials all provided. The class takes 1.5 hours

Size Limit: 6 people

250 $HKD per person

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Make a Triangular Coin Purse/Headphones Case

Using a cutting knife, a hammer and some hardware, you will make a lovely leather purse that is perfect for loose change or loose headphones! Never have to scramble in the bottom of a bag for either again. Many colours to choose from! The class takes 1.5 hours

Size Limit: 6 people

250 $HKD per person

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Other Workshops

Beeswax Food Cloths

Want to go plastic free? Try these beeswax food wraps - they are easy and fun to make, and help you to reduce plastic usage in your home! Perfect for wrapping any foodstuffs other than raw meats, they can be washed gently in cold water and reused again and again!

The class takes 2 hours and you will make 3 sizes of wraps to take home!

Size limit 6 people

200$ HKD per person

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