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    Rachel Smith of senselessart

    I am a working artist, educator and a voice over talent. I teach art related classes in my studio in Prince Edward.


    Everyone should have artistic expression in their lives, not only people with spare time or big budgets. Sustainable materials are my preference.


    In 2020 - 21 my work has taken a new direction. Moving away from watercolour I am finding the play of light and shadow created by hanging paper and lightboxes to be pulling me down a new path. Making complex ideas into single shapes is a challenge and whan I find that perfect shape that conveys a whole story it is incredibly exciting. The more I work with paper, the more possibilities emerge.


    In response to the lack of face to face classes during the time of Covid, the HK Mail Art Club came into being - a weekly mail out of DIY art kits to do at home. The kits invite you to assemble, colour and construct paper based figures, while learning about the natural world.


    When not at the studio, I am podcasting, storytelling and organising Hong Kong Stories, or taking miniaturised versions of real people on adventures with Tiny Trekkers Travel Agency.


    More about my teaching and my artist's CV here.


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