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    There was darkness, then light, then paint.

    I began working as an artist shortly after birth. As the doctor was cutting the umbilical cord, he found my tiny baby fingers drawing patterns on the receiving blanket. Unfortunately, the work was considered far too self-referential. As I grew, my work grew alongside, with various stages and imperfections. During my terrible twos, I was one day discovered to have painted an entire wall with Spaghetti-Os in an accurate reproduction of Edvard Munch’s The Scream of Nature (The Scream). Unfortunately it was cleaned off by an overzealous babysitter before it could be preserved.


    For the next several years, various educational institutions attempted by a range of methods, to beat, bore or frighten the compulsion to create out of the budding artist but I resisted, drawing my protests in the margins of authoritarian mathematics and deontological literature texts with whatever materials came to hand. When I was released from the treadmill of education I fled to China where a lovely middle-aged Chinese man in a string vest taught me the ancient secrets of Chinese watercolour and fed me watermelon and other nourishing fruits. Since then I have often woken up from deepest sleep to find the lines of drool on my pillow have aligned themselves in pleasing patterns to match the arrangement of my limbs.


    After a few years of living and various further attempts at education in Liverpool - where giant mythical birds guard the city and filled my dreams with equal measures of excitement and terror, I finally settled in Hong Kong. My days are filled with adventures, creations and hacking up lungfuls of smog. I currently paint from my studio in Prince Edward - just a hop skip and a jump away from the bling festival that is Sham Shui Po. You can come and check out the studio (by appointment only) or learn a new skill or see what is happening - just drop me a line!


    When I am not painting, I spend a lot of time folding, sewing and assembling. Wonder through this website and find all kinds of stuff. If you would like to hear some super storytelling and listen to some great stories head on over to www.HongKongStories.com. You can also peruse the various adventures documented by the Tiny Trekkers Travel Agency or have a look at an interview on inspire me with.
    Contact me by email at rachel@rachelsmith.hk with any inquiries.
    Come, explore my world.
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