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    Artist in Residence 2021/2022


    senselessart Studio will be looking for a new Artist in Residence at he start of 2022, if you are interested in applying, please get in touch.



  • Artist in Residence

    at senselessart Studio


    In January 2021 senselessart Studio welcomed our second artist for our Artist in Residence program.


    Sao-Mai Nguyen is writing her first novel, a historical family drama inspired by her family's stories. She first met Rachel when she joined Hong Kong Stories in 2017. Hong Kong Stories helped her find her voice, and she became even more engaged in storytelling when she started coaching others to craft their stories. She happily hosted Hong Kong Stories' show for the Hong Kong Literary Festival in 2020. This novel is her way of putting all that she has learned to the test. It started small, then grew, and meandered, and grew again, thanks to the support of so many. Including Rachel, of course.


    "The first gift Rachel gave me was her listening ear, and her frank, constructive, eye-opening comments on my story. The second gift was the support from one artist to another in the process of creation, through the highs and the lows, the doubts and the bliss. And now, she is giving me a space inhabited by the creative energy of so many, where I am surrounded by things that are still becoming - the perfect space to be inspired and let my novel unfold. And hopefully by the end of the year, I can hold up a completed first draft. In the meantime, it is such a privilege to be able to lift my head up from my writing and ask Rachel - the mistress of senselessart Studio- 'Hey, does my story still make sense?' "


    We are very pleased to have Sao Mai joining us in the studio and look forward to reading her masterpiece!

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    Sao Mai Nguyen

  • Artist in Residence

    at senselessart Studio


    In March of 2020 senselessart Studio started our first guest artist in residency program by inviting Victoria Walvis into the studio.


    "Room to write is hard to find in Hong Kong, and I am grateful to senselessart for sharing this inspiring space. I love poetry. I plan to use the studio to work on my first collection, and to become a better writer, something that you can only do by, well, writing."

    - Victoria Walvis


    Walvis runs regular workshops in collaboration with Peel Street Poetry, and contributes regularly to open mics with Peel Street and Poetry OutLoud. She was recently longlisted for the 2019 National Poetry Competition in the UK, and has also performed at the Hong Kong International Literary Festival and the Hong Kong Spoken Word Festival in 2019.


    Walvis will be working on her first collection of poems, and has also expressed interest in writing about the studio itself. The final date of her tenancy is uncertain due to the current situation.

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    Victoria Walvis

    If you are interested in applying for the senselessart Studio Artist in Residence program, please get in touch!