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Project 1 - Hong Kong Bugs/Insects - 4 Week Subscription

In this pack you will receive 4 weeks of pop out insect sheets for you to colour and assemble and a page of interesting insect facts.

Week 1 - Atlas Moth, Tortoise Beetle, Flower Mantis, Jewel Beetle (pictured)
Week 2 - Luna Moth, Lantern Bug, Honey Bee, Tiger Beetle
Week 3 - Paris Peacock Butterfly, Stink Bug, Thread Waisted Wasp, Green Cicada
Week 4 - Dragonfly, Rhino Beetle, Centipede, Ant

Please be sure to include your address when you order! If you are in HK you can use Payme with the provided code. Send your address to

The price is 350 for 4 weeks of bugs.
More Details

This is the first of the HK Mail Art Club - Bugs and Insects

We spend so much time indoors in Hong Kong and often miss the incredible diversity and excitement right under our noses! 

Materials needed: 

Colour pencils, markers or paint to colour the paper

Scissors - there are tiny tabs you will need to snip to get the insects out of the sheet. 

Glue - white glue or a glue stick are great for this project! 

There is no colouring guide or even detailed instructions about how to put these bugs together. This is done on purpose. Explore, colour how you want, experiment and enjoy. If you want to make more than one of each bug, then trace the pieces on another set of card and cut them out with scissors! 

NOTE: there is an option for educational groups to bulk purchase or to have a special piece designed for you. Please get in touch!